Sunday, June 26, 2011

just realized i posted a saving private ryan video the other day. i need to get a life.

probably the greatest use of time. ever.

if i had any talent, this is what my childhood would have been like, but since i didnt i just ate hot dogs and picked my nose. these videos are pretty long but worth it if youre a fan of saving private ryan.

earn this, earn it

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cant wait for this to come out. it looks absolutly fantastic. this is gonna be the best summer yet?

Friday, June 10, 2011


"See ya" is basically what i said yesterday as i sliced every ball i hit into the woods. Two years ago I invested some hard earned capital into some golf clubs and the only thing i have done with them is scracth the shit out of them.

I dropped a t-bomb on my bro saying "lets hit the d-range pronto", and with in minutes we were sending balls into the woods, or at least i was.

My swing is terrible. I know how to grip it and rip it from some lessons i took as a kid but thats it. Im not a novice, but think i would be catagorized as the kid who's group got last place in the UNH mens lacrosse alumni golf tournement two years running, planning on making it three.

Fucking goddamn flies, fucking goddamn mosquitos. I felt like joba chamberlain in the 2007 ALDS. i couldnt help but to slice it in the woods.

But since i am still an amazing athelte (some would say washed up, but those who would say that are admitting only that they are jealous) a few tweeks in my stroke led to amazing gains in distance and straightness..........(straightness?) And i was hitting my balls harder than tiger woods did on joslyn james.

im a cinderella boy with what looks to be an 8 iron.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Can You Dig It?

Just asking if you dig it. That's all.


Operation Overlord. Not much to say here. Not really a big deal at all. America just went balls deep up Hitler's ____. Yet i digress. Static gun emplacements? Cmon Adolf. If you were to study your own military history three years earlier you would realize that France's Maginot line was an expensive crock of shit. Anyway America is top guy and Hitler killed himself.

Clear the Ramp! 30 Seconds! God be with ya!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Too Busy, Just too Busy

If my name was Walsh I'd use "2" instead of "too" in the title. Thats niether here nor there. As you well know I have been away from the blog machine for a few weeks and boy have i heard the complaints. Is he out of material? Did he download a virus? Does he have heat stroke? The answer is in the stars my bro. I'll never tell. All i know is ive worked up quite the list of shitty worthless stories that i only care about over the past few weeks to let you all in on.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Greatest scene in Amercian Cinema History

What the fuck happened to bobby loupo?

Local Quote of the Day

Sully, Did you just piss off two old ladies?


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Typical Sunday Night/Did That Just Turn Me On?

Please do not read if you are under 18 years old.

I am over 18. I am under 18.

I wake up at 1pm today and the sun is screaming through my window like I'm camping out on Mercury. I need to get up, not cuz I have anything to do, but I have to piss so bad I can't stay in bed til 3 like I want. Little did I know that this feeling soon would be revisited.

Since its mid April and about 70 degrees outside I'm thinking one thing. Beers and the beach. Well two things, but fuck it. Then I think "oh yeah one of my bros has a beach house" so I floor it over there. But as I arrive the cold North Atlantic winds that sunk the Bismarck start flowing up my skirt. Looks like my day of beach lacrosse and drinking by myself is kaput. Now my plans are relegated to playing Lego Harry Potter on PS3 and watching Trailer Park Boys re-runs.

As good as this sounds it gets better.

All of a sudden babes come screaming off the beach with their nips cutting holes through their shirts. Then, probably in one of the greatest decisions in human history was made. One girl decides to piss behind her car parked on a busy road nonetheless (is that even a word?). Panties drop, piss drips, me and my bros are screaming with our eyes glued to the window like a sucker fish at the pet store. Time for some embarrassment. We all go out in the front yard to make it known that we just sneaked a peek and my bro Dan screams "Whats your number?" and her jaw hits the deck. "Im sorry" she say and I scream back "Its ok I liked it!"

I lied, I loved it.

This video is an obvious example of how to do the previous mentioned act correctly.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to Yacht Rock

Trailer Park Boys

Alright gang, listen up. One of my buddies put me onto this show called Trailer park Boys that ran in Canada for 7 seasons. It literally has to be one the most clever and hilarious shows that I have watched in a while. Drug induced alcoholics running rampant around a trailer park looking for the best ways to make fast and easy cash. The show is shot documentary style and the characters always fuck with the camera man. There is no way to give this show the credit it deserves. Plenty of swearing, drinking and general horseplay that we all know full well goes on in the every day life of a trailer park.

So sit back, laugh and watch that shit.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Greatest Song of All-Time?

Jury is still out on this one kids. I can't make up my mind on whether its the greatest or worst song ever, all I know is that its #1 on one of the lists.

Oregon Trail

A member of your party now has dysentary.

That member has died.

Fuck Oregon Trail.

Local Quote of the Day

"That mother fucker is gorgeous."


Introducing "Local Quote of the Day" - basically when I am in the presence of an utterance that is interesting or completly idiotic that sticks in my mind long enough to be typed onto this blog, I'm posting it. This is purely for my own enjoyment. Um, like enjoy I guess?

Quote of the Day

Be as you wish to seem.



i like snoop dogg
i like gorillaz

gorillaz used this as an intro to their tour for the plastic beach album a year or two ago...

In the Search of the Elusive Fish Taco.........

I had my first fish taco about a year ago with good buddy Finn in a taco place called Coco Loco's in Kittery Maine. I ordered up a typical burrito with pulled pork, pretty good but like I said - typical as fuck. After wolfing down my boring 1000 calories I look up towards the huge menu in the sky. I navigate to the taco section thinking that im still a little malnourished and read the word fish next to the word taco. My mind is in tangles and I almost blurt out "what in the fuck." Do these actually exist? I guess I was naive because I thought the concept of the fish taco was a long running, not that funny joke. I worked up the confidence like I was about to ask a girl out on a date. Little did I know that just like a date that this would be the beginning of a long, hot and steamy relationship. I order the fish taco and the mexican asked me if i wanted the spicy mayo and I said what the the fuck do I look like? The mexican said "what in the fuck are you talking about, DO YOU WANT IT OR NOT?" "Um, yes" I responded.

I ate the whole thing. I cant describe what it was like because I'm pretty sure I blacked out. All I know is that I sat there in awe for the five minutes and thought about how I should have just ordered six of these filthy bastards instead of that pork burrito.

Oh yeah I had one yesterday at Dos Amigos and it was good as fuck.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bend it

Get Microsoft Silverlight

3:35 mark dan cal

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quote of the Day

"I love California, I practically grew up in Phoenix"
Dan Quayle
Formor United States Vice President

Friday, March 18, 2011

Literally Give Me a Fucking Break


1. in the literal or strict sense: What does the word mean literally?
2. in a literal manner; word for word: to translate literally.
3. actually; without exaggeration or inaccuracy: The city was literally destroyed.
4. in effect; in substance; very nearly; virtually.

Almost Spring?

It was literally 60 degrees today in sunny NH. I could think about literally only one thing. -Going out back and literally dusting off my daddy's old watermelon slingshot. This thing is literally over 25 years old and needs to be treated with respect. Its literally the same model as this one in the video and you literally need to be careful when using it. You could literally get hurt as this woman finds out.

Quote of the Day

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

Jim Morrison

UN Says Let It Rip

o fuck

Nick Mason on the Drums

One of these days i'm going to cut you into little pieces......

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quote of the Day

You just can't do that

Billy Crystal

Monday, March 14, 2011

with our powers combined......

I guess its the classic case of "The Inconvenient Truth" or should I say "The Inconvenient Meal". The United Nations has been on the hot seat for the last few years over the case of global warming, which we all know is a hoax, but they have come up with a lot of ideas to reduce this natural occurring phenomenon. Hybrid cars, reducing air-pollution and the use of public transportation are all effective methods to help reduce global warming. However, the UN has released a statement that "eating meat causes more global warming (gases) than all human transportation combined."
Pretty bold statement, if you ask me. But there is "proof", because the production of meat is done in factories that pump out carbon dioxide (C02) into the air. Cry me a fucking river. I want to see these charts. "Studies" are done everyday and most of them amount to jack-squat. I want to see Al Gore and his global warming entourage alike totally give up eating meat. Lead by example, and people shall follow, right? No, because meat is fucking good. Not to mention the natural given right and satisfaction that human beings get by killing, and preparing a wild animal to eat. I dont want to be negative here, but give me a break buddy. In the famous words of the true American Hero, Ted Nugent, "Kill it and grill it". Chill.

Quote of the Day

The only certainty is that nothing is certain.

Pliny The Elder

Boo Fucking Hoo

Bullying? Wait what the fuck did i just hear on the news? Obama to hold a conference on bullying...... The Pussification of America Continues.

Nice while the world is going bizerk, the middle east is rioting, the economy in the tubes, and tsunamis killing our raw fish consuming friends, Obama is trying to make sure that kids dont get bullied. Glad we elected a guy who really cares. First of all, I was bullied when I was younger and when I got bigger than the bullies I threw them into snow banks. Bullying makes a man. How is anyone who has'nt gone through a bullying episode ever going to learn how to deal with anything they don't like. Lincoln was bullied, Einstein, Edison, and Eastwood were bullied, and even Curt Schilling was bullied. Apparently we've gotten through over 230 years of American history and built the freest and most powerful country the world has ever seen with bullying going on. Without bullying the US is going to be made up of people like Justin Bieber. Maybe the "B" word is America's little secret to its success. In this article Obama is quoted as saying "I was bullied and I know how it feels." He literally proves my point - Bullied growing up, President of the United States as an adult.

Oh yea and check out this kid's funny ears what a loser.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Fucking Fantastic. Theyre back.

This is Why Canada Sucks

Zdeno Chara barely touches this guy and he decides to make a fucking scene and skates directly into the boards. How blatent can an episode of athletic dishonesty get? Seriously what a fucking idiot. This guy deserved to get hurt. This just in: The Montreal poilce are opening up a criminal investigation on this play. Could the pussifcation of our society get any worse. A hockey player checks another player into the boards, in Canada of all places, and the cops go wild. Who is running this police department, Barbara Boxer? They should investigate Pacioretty for having the weakest chin in Canada. If it were up to me, Canada's right to play hockey and have any NHL teamns should be revoked.

Quote of the Day

"In an action film you act in the action, in a drama film you act in the drama."

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So What, Who Cares?

Prom was coming up and he didnt have a date.


I think I've watched this video more than a hundred times. I know your asking "OMG how could you take enjoyment out of someone elses pain?" I just say well I do and you better deal with it or your gonna get whats coming to you like this woman did. Bitch just needs to know when to shut up.

Do a favor for me and put your cursor on the 7 second mark and click it on repeat after every time she gets punched. This girl has THC in her system.........

Quote of the Day

My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.

Ayn Rand

Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Quote of the Day

A prisoner of war is a man who tries to kill you and fails, and then asks you not to kill him.

Winston Churchill

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Facts are stupid things."
-Ronald Reagan

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sheen upsets Warlock community

First and foremost, Charlie Sheen is a legitimate bro. He does what he wants, when he wants and then makes people sure they know about it. But with all the bro credit in the world, there are a few people on this earth that Sheen cannot stand up against: 1. Terrorists; because they are fucking insane and do off the wall shit to make points that they cannot back up with legitimate reasons and 2. Warlocks and Wizards alike, because we all know what they are capable of doing.
Sheen's first mistake wasn't quiting his show or offending people with his crazy drug use; it was offending the Warlock community with his own words of "I expose people to magic; that's how I roll". Warlocks expose us to magic, not Charlie Sheen. Now, he is on the losing end of a war that he may very well lose. A wizard group based in Massachusetts is about to have a personal Salem Witch Trial with our very own Sheen. They claim if he does not stop his absurd behavior and stop criticizing and slenderizing their magical powers; they will blind him. This should have made National Headlines; but with our Liberal based media groups at the helm, nothing important ever does. Even though Sheen is a legend among bros; there is not a single man that can stand up, or for that matter win against a group of determined Warlocks. Beware Charlie Sheen, your marathon of hookers and irrational drug habits may soon be hit with a blinding blow to the face; literally.

Quote of the Day

"I'm Chevy Chase, and you're not"

Chevy Chase

Friday, March 4, 2011


I could either go to the gym right now or i could just watch this.....


A Little Pink Floyd

Fastforward to 1 min if your pressed for time.

simple hypothesis

Chicks dig dinosaur explorers...


Dr. Alan Grant
Sam Neil
Cowboy hats
Awsome movie


-Watch Jurassic Park and pick up chicks

Mike had this Look Going in the 80s

Somebody is ripping the other off. Just cuz Mike is dead doesn't mean this look is yours Gaddaffi.

Gadaffi (REMIX)

Very sad this guy could possibly be going soon. If you dont know who he is you need to pay closer attention to current events. Oh yeah and Zenga, Zenga!

Quote of the Day

"There must be a world revolution which puts an end to all materialistic conditions hindering woman from performing her natural role in life and driving her to carry out man's duties in order to be equal in rights."

Muammar al-Gadaffi

No idea what he's saying, but mad props for saying it.

The Knife - Heartbeats (Live)

I'm digging this hard. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh Hells Yeah

Officially the Planet Earth's hairiest girl. The Guiness Book of World Records just confirmed it. Also its been confirmed that she's still single. Looks like I'm on the next flight to Thailand.

Live Free and Chill

Today is a good day, as it marks the 100th anniversary of the White Mountain National Forest. Thanks to the Weeks Act, of 1911, New Hampshire has been able to preserve what is truly beautiful and unique to this great State. The establishment of the White Mountain National Forest has been recognized as one of the single greatest land conservation acts in United States History. Scores of mountains to hike, uncharted rivers to conquer and acres of wood to setup camps. I am proud to be from New Hampshire, and most of all, I am proud to be an American. Live Free or Die.

Happy March Fools Day!

Its finally March everybody. You know what that means. Its March fools day. If you don't know what March fools day is, its the one day out of the year that you get to tell your parents that this is your boyfriend.

Quote of the Day

"Nobody should pin their hopes on a miracle"

Vladimir Putin

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

"They certainly give very strange names to diseases."


Its already on my Christmas list 2011. CANT WAIT


Greatest song of all time. Crave it. Worship it. Embrace it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

This day in history...

"I didn't do it"

Benedict Arnold

Pequeño luchador tirón

Some say pro wrestling is fake. Others would say that was the realest midget flip they've ever seen.

Old Hag Syndrome

For those of you who don't know what this shit is all about; it is quite simple. You awake in the middle of the night, usually aware of you're surroundings but you are unable to move. You feel as if you are awake and try to move every muscle in your body, but you are unable to move. You are literally paralyzed. It is a terrifying and awesome experience. You often see apparitions, demons, ghouls, ghosts and or extraterrestrials in your room. Sometimes these slippery bastards will even try to reach out and take you to the abyss to do weird science projects. After it is all said and done, it chalks up to be one fucking weird and horrible nightmare. Get out there and find out!

Chicks Dig...

1. Grandpappy glasses
2. Santa Hats
3. American Flag Bandanas
4. Beads
Gus drives does wild. In the wild.

Quote of the Day

"Beer is living proof that God wants us to be happy"

Benjamin Franklin

Friday, February 25, 2011

Diet Coke

Lets face it; I love Diet Coke. There is literally nothing better than slamming back a quick six pack of dc on a casual Tuesday night. Seriously why would you ever drink regular soda, or soft drinks as some people like to call it; but that is an entire different issue with me. Diet Coke has a smooth taste, zero calories and it makes shit taste better. "But Estaban, Diet Coke causes cancer!" Yeah probably, so what. Go back to smoking your cigarettes and drinking second shelf alcohol, because that's all good for you. Do something good for yourself, do something for America; buy and drink Diet Coke.

February more like............

Oh crap. I just realized there's only three days left in this month. Good thing my cable bill is the same price as a much hipper month like January with the typical 31. One incredibile thing about February is that sometimes the gods give us a gift of one extra day every four years. Its a day you know exists, but always sneaks up on you at the last second you think "OMG like I didn't know leap year was this year, has it really been four years." Anyway for all of you who didn't pass high school like I did it has something to do with space (as just about everything usually does) and the time it takes to travel around our hut sun. But, what I really want to express to you is my anger over the fact that leap year is not yet a holiday were people take off from work get hammered, make out with strangers, and bang strange. Maybe I'll just start doing it and everyone can follow their leader.

Your Spiritual and Emotional Leader Begins His Blog

WOW this is great. My own blog with my new friend i met on eHarmony, Mike aka esteban. I'm a 42 year old mother with six great kids. I'll be notifying you on my favorite topics including but not limited to space, cravings, stupid shit, sports, mathematical equations, babes, beer, and bros. You'll probably end up hating me and being jealous, but its not about you and there is no I in team.