Friday, February 25, 2011

February more like............

Oh crap. I just realized there's only three days left in this month. Good thing my cable bill is the same price as a much hipper month like January with the typical 31. One incredibile thing about February is that sometimes the gods give us a gift of one extra day every four years. Its a day you know exists, but always sneaks up on you at the last second you think "OMG like I didn't know leap year was this year, has it really been four years." Anyway for all of you who didn't pass high school like I did it has something to do with space (as just about everything usually does) and the time it takes to travel around our hut sun. But, what I really want to express to you is my anger over the fact that leap year is not yet a holiday were people take off from work get hammered, make out with strangers, and bang strange. Maybe I'll just start doing it and everyone can follow their leader.

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