Monday, April 11, 2011

Greatest scene in Amercian Cinema History

What the fuck happened to bobby loupo?

Local Quote of the Day

Sully, Did you just piss off two old ladies?


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Typical Sunday Night/Did That Just Turn Me On?

Please do not read if you are under 18 years old.

I am over 18. I am under 18.

I wake up at 1pm today and the sun is screaming through my window like I'm camping out on Mercury. I need to get up, not cuz I have anything to do, but I have to piss so bad I can't stay in bed til 3 like I want. Little did I know that this feeling soon would be revisited.

Since its mid April and about 70 degrees outside I'm thinking one thing. Beers and the beach. Well two things, but fuck it. Then I think "oh yeah one of my bros has a beach house" so I floor it over there. But as I arrive the cold North Atlantic winds that sunk the Bismarck start flowing up my skirt. Looks like my day of beach lacrosse and drinking by myself is kaput. Now my plans are relegated to playing Lego Harry Potter on PS3 and watching Trailer Park Boys re-runs.

As good as this sounds it gets better.

All of a sudden babes come screaming off the beach with their nips cutting holes through their shirts. Then, probably in one of the greatest decisions in human history was made. One girl decides to piss behind her car parked on a busy road nonetheless (is that even a word?). Panties drop, piss drips, me and my bros are screaming with our eyes glued to the window like a sucker fish at the pet store. Time for some embarrassment. We all go out in the front yard to make it known that we just sneaked a peek and my bro Dan screams "Whats your number?" and her jaw hits the deck. "Im sorry" she say and I scream back "Its ok I liked it!"

I lied, I loved it.

This video is an obvious example of how to do the previous mentioned act correctly.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to Yacht Rock

Trailer Park Boys

Alright gang, listen up. One of my buddies put me onto this show called Trailer park Boys that ran in Canada for 7 seasons. It literally has to be one the most clever and hilarious shows that I have watched in a while. Drug induced alcoholics running rampant around a trailer park looking for the best ways to make fast and easy cash. The show is shot documentary style and the characters always fuck with the camera man. There is no way to give this show the credit it deserves. Plenty of swearing, drinking and general horseplay that we all know full well goes on in the every day life of a trailer park.

So sit back, laugh and watch that shit.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Greatest Song of All-Time?

Jury is still out on this one kids. I can't make up my mind on whether its the greatest or worst song ever, all I know is that its #1 on one of the lists.

Oregon Trail

A member of your party now has dysentary.

That member has died.

Fuck Oregon Trail.

Local Quote of the Day

"That mother fucker is gorgeous."


Introducing "Local Quote of the Day" - basically when I am in the presence of an utterance that is interesting or completly idiotic that sticks in my mind long enough to be typed onto this blog, I'm posting it. This is purely for my own enjoyment. Um, like enjoy I guess?

Quote of the Day

Be as you wish to seem.



i like snoop dogg
i like gorillaz

gorillaz used this as an intro to their tour for the plastic beach album a year or two ago...

In the Search of the Elusive Fish Taco.........

I had my first fish taco about a year ago with good buddy Finn in a taco place called Coco Loco's in Kittery Maine. I ordered up a typical burrito with pulled pork, pretty good but like I said - typical as fuck. After wolfing down my boring 1000 calories I look up towards the huge menu in the sky. I navigate to the taco section thinking that im still a little malnourished and read the word fish next to the word taco. My mind is in tangles and I almost blurt out "what in the fuck." Do these actually exist? I guess I was naive because I thought the concept of the fish taco was a long running, not that funny joke. I worked up the confidence like I was about to ask a girl out on a date. Little did I know that just like a date that this would be the beginning of a long, hot and steamy relationship. I order the fish taco and the mexican asked me if i wanted the spicy mayo and I said what the the fuck do I look like? The mexican said "what in the fuck are you talking about, DO YOU WANT IT OR NOT?" "Um, yes" I responded.

I ate the whole thing. I cant describe what it was like because I'm pretty sure I blacked out. All I know is that I sat there in awe for the five minutes and thought about how I should have just ordered six of these filthy bastards instead of that pork burrito.

Oh yeah I had one yesterday at Dos Amigos and it was good as fuck.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bend it

Get Microsoft Silverlight

3:35 mark dan cal