Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In the Search of the Elusive Fish Taco.........

I had my first fish taco about a year ago with good buddy Finn in a taco place called Coco Loco's in Kittery Maine. I ordered up a typical burrito with pulled pork, pretty good but like I said - typical as fuck. After wolfing down my boring 1000 calories I look up towards the huge menu in the sky. I navigate to the taco section thinking that im still a little malnourished and read the word fish next to the word taco. My mind is in tangles and I almost blurt out "what in the fuck." Do these actually exist? I guess I was naive because I thought the concept of the fish taco was a long running, not that funny joke. I worked up the confidence like I was about to ask a girl out on a date. Little did I know that just like a date that this would be the beginning of a long, hot and steamy relationship. I order the fish taco and the mexican asked me if i wanted the spicy mayo and I said what the the fuck do I look like? The mexican said "what in the fuck are you talking about, DO YOU WANT IT OR NOT?" "Um, yes" I responded.

I ate the whole thing. I cant describe what it was like because I'm pretty sure I blacked out. All I know is that I sat there in awe for the five minutes and thought about how I should have just ordered six of these filthy bastards instead of that pork burrito.

Oh yeah I had one yesterday at Dos Amigos and it was good as fuck.

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  1. Fish tacos=SO GOOD! Margaritas makes a pretty bomb one as well.

    Thanks again for your help on Sunday - you made a rough day much easier! xoxo (your other big sis)