Friday, June 10, 2011


"See ya" is basically what i said yesterday as i sliced every ball i hit into the woods. Two years ago I invested some hard earned capital into some golf clubs and the only thing i have done with them is scracth the shit out of them.

I dropped a t-bomb on my bro saying "lets hit the d-range pronto", and with in minutes we were sending balls into the woods, or at least i was.

My swing is terrible. I know how to grip it and rip it from some lessons i took as a kid but thats it. Im not a novice, but think i would be catagorized as the kid who's group got last place in the UNH mens lacrosse alumni golf tournement two years running, planning on making it three.

Fucking goddamn flies, fucking goddamn mosquitos. I felt like joba chamberlain in the 2007 ALDS. i couldnt help but to slice it in the woods.

But since i am still an amazing athelte (some would say washed up, but those who would say that are admitting only that they are jealous) a few tweeks in my stroke led to amazing gains in distance and straightness..........(straightness?) And i was hitting my balls harder than tiger woods did on joslyn james.

im a cinderella boy with what looks to be an 8 iron.


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