Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sheen upsets Warlock community

First and foremost, Charlie Sheen is a legitimate bro. He does what he wants, when he wants and then makes people sure they know about it. But with all the bro credit in the world, there are a few people on this earth that Sheen cannot stand up against: 1. Terrorists; because they are fucking insane and do off the wall shit to make points that they cannot back up with legitimate reasons and 2. Warlocks and Wizards alike, because we all know what they are capable of doing.
Sheen's first mistake wasn't quiting his show or offending people with his crazy drug use; it was offending the Warlock community with his own words of "I expose people to magic; that's how I roll". Warlocks expose us to magic, not Charlie Sheen. Now, he is on the losing end of a war that he may very well lose. A wizard group based in Massachusetts is about to have a personal Salem Witch Trial with our very own Sheen. They claim if he does not stop his absurd behavior and stop criticizing and slenderizing their magical powers; they will blind him. This should have made National Headlines; but with our Liberal based media groups at the helm, nothing important ever does. Even though Sheen is a legend among bros; there is not a single man that can stand up, or for that matter win against a group of determined Warlocks. Beware Charlie Sheen, your marathon of hookers and irrational drug habits may soon be hit with a blinding blow to the face; literally.

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