Monday, March 14, 2011

with our powers combined......

I guess its the classic case of "The Inconvenient Truth" or should I say "The Inconvenient Meal". The United Nations has been on the hot seat for the last few years over the case of global warming, which we all know is a hoax, but they have come up with a lot of ideas to reduce this natural occurring phenomenon. Hybrid cars, reducing air-pollution and the use of public transportation are all effective methods to help reduce global warming. However, the UN has released a statement that "eating meat causes more global warming (gases) than all human transportation combined."
Pretty bold statement, if you ask me. But there is "proof", because the production of meat is done in factories that pump out carbon dioxide (C02) into the air. Cry me a fucking river. I want to see these charts. "Studies" are done everyday and most of them amount to jack-squat. I want to see Al Gore and his global warming entourage alike totally give up eating meat. Lead by example, and people shall follow, right? No, because meat is fucking good. Not to mention the natural given right and satisfaction that human beings get by killing, and preparing a wild animal to eat. I dont want to be negative here, but give me a break buddy. In the famous words of the true American Hero, Ted Nugent, "Kill it and grill it". Chill.

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