Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is Why Canada Sucks

Zdeno Chara barely touches this guy and he decides to make a fucking scene and skates directly into the boards. How blatent can an episode of athletic dishonesty get? Seriously what a fucking idiot. This guy deserved to get hurt. This just in: The Montreal poilce are opening up a criminal investigation on this play. Could the pussifcation of our society get any worse. A hockey player checks another player into the boards, in Canada of all places, and the cops go wild. Who is running this police department, Barbara Boxer? They should investigate Pacioretty for having the weakest chin in Canada. If it were up to me, Canada's right to play hockey and have any NHL teamns should be revoked.

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  1. I think "pussification" is my new favorite word. Thanks for that.